Boost Me All Night Long!

Do you feel lucky, punk? Come, play a game with us! Follow along with these instructions and mystery can be yours!

  1. Go to, search the page for “value”. Download Podverse, Curiocaster, Fountain, Podfriend, and many many more!

  2. Fund your wallet with satoshis from apps like Strike or CashApp.

  3. Boil water and have a towel ready.

  4. Search Behind The Sch3m3s in your app of choice, and look for the lightning bolt!

  5. Join us in the Green Room with a super sick user nickname of your choice! The more satiny the better!

  6. Finally, CLICK HERE to see the list of possibilities!! When you boost the amount of your choice, be sure to watch the Green Room for the hottest bot in the universe Gal give you a very, very…very special message!


### Alex Jones

    198: "[Epic]"

    306: "[Yay]"

    534: "[Believe It]"

    654: "[I Need Money]"

    938: "[Redonkulous]"

    1062: "[It's Sensational]"

### Jim Jones

    648: "[Yes Comrade]"

    1098: "[That's Not Freedom]"

    1170: "[We've Been So Betrayed]"

    1476: "[How Much I've Loved You]"

    1650: "[Please Get Us Some Medication]"

    2874: "[Give That Sweetheart A Little Bit Of Love]"


1006 [It's 1006!]

1114 [Glow In The Dark Boost]

1118 [Wanna Play Some Gamecube?]

1995 [Wanna Play Some PlayStation?] 

2200 [Bolt 2] 

6000 [booo!]

6666 [Boost A Goat]

7777 [Diamond David Lee Roth]

8888 [Boost A Gimp]

9001 [It's Over 9000!]

9999 [Goat A Boost]

11111 [James Brown Boost]

22222 [Duck Hunt Boost]

35000 [Boost A Bump]

36500 [Blacklight Boost]