S01E72: Jesus Was A Great Shot

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There were three open positions on the school board and three people ran together on the "diversity and inclusivity" platform. They also ran FOIA requests to try to scour their opponents' email records with the school and find anything incriminating to circulate on social media. It's been covered in our local rag, here's the latest that says over 10k pages of FOIA requests were made. As a fun side note, last year these same people were mad that the basketball hoops were taken down at a local park. The park was closed due to coof, and while the locals complied, people from outside of the neighborhood came in and still playing basketball. Also, since the public restroom at the park was locked down they basketball players were peeing outside. They said, and I quote, "it is the only racially integrated place in Oakwood".


It’s A Little Culty

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