S01E63: Bjørn Again

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  • Lol, the fans in the Feedbag groups didn’t know what they were.

Austrian man mummifies dead mother to keep receiving her social


  • Hoo boy, police in Austria found a kid who mummified his mom to keep her social security rolling in.

  • By kid, I mean a 66 year old man.

  • Kept that shit locked up in the basement.

  • The mother died last June at the age of 89, but sonny kept her around to collect about €50,000 ($59,000).

  • The autopsy found no suspicious cause.

  • Got popped for benefit fraud and hiding a dead body.

  • “The man said he froze his mother's body using ice packs to prevent any smell and wrapped her in bandages to soak up any bodily fluids, the AFP news agency reports.”

  • He covered the body in kitty litter and it mummified the body.

  • “When the man's brother came to see their mother, he would tell him she was in the hospital. It was only when a new postman asked to see the recipient of the benefits he was delivering that the story started to unravel, the agency said”.

  • The postman snitched to the cops which they came searching the property over.

Breaking! Learn The Secret Meaning Of Dr. Anthony Fauci's Name

We Are Witnessing The Greatest Mass Hypnosis Of All Time

  • This hypnotist got a wake up call.

  • “In hypnosis, we know that the state of trance hypnosis is achieved in only one of two ways; either overload of the central nervous system, or fatigue of the nervous system.  The current Covid19 crisis has created both of these conditions and as a result, it has caused the most suggestible state that a person could ever be in.  Whether by design or accident, the result is the same, it is the transformation by the formation of this trance, that our futures are being shaped and we don’t see it or are so tranced out that we don’t care.”

  • Of course he’s not talking about conspiracy. He’s just seeing the same tactics he sees in his field.

  • “In both those situations, I am using my skills to bypass what is known as the critical faculty of the conscious or rational mind and move right to the subconscious mind.  It is the subconscious mind that truly controls all of our behaviors and since this is now open to the continued suggestions by the constant messaging, people are being forever changed.”

  • He goes on further to explain it’s called instant or shock induction. These are the dramatic induction used for creating the trance state. It doesn’t take long to make happen. “We literally hijack the amygdala which is responsible for the “fight/flight/freeze” mechanism of our bodies.  It is in this split second of time, that the subconscious mind is looking for a program that will provide an appropriate response.”

  • When stress makes you feel strong anger, aggression, or fear, the fight-or-flight response is activated. … It happens when a situation causes your amygdala to hijack control of your response to stress. The amygdala disables the frontal lobes and activates the fight-or-flight response.[i]”  It is this most basic of instinctual responses that is responsible for our survival as a species.  It is caused by the release of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone.”

  • There are several extremely critical parts of this phenomena of amygdala hijack that are the essence of what I am seeing and which concerns me.  As stated above, the amygdala disables the frontal lobe of our brains.  The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviors. It is, in essence, the “control panel” of our personality and our ability to communicate.[ii]   We lose our ability to make rational judgements, our stress increases and dramatic physical changes take place in our bodies. Most importantly, we become and remain highly suggestible in this highly aroused state.  Our subconscious minds are seeking to find that “program” that will free us from this threat and we take that cue from the perceived leaders.”

  • Language is critical for this. The pandemic language is troubling. All about the subtle nuances words introduce.

  • “We have heard the experts and the media speak of concepts of herd immunity and social distancing.  The unspoken message is striking here!  The masses are no more than a herd that can be shepherded into controlled behaviors.  We have willingly and without question given up fundamental rights and liberties.  We are told that we need to do this for the protection of the community until we develop a herd immunity.  And since our frontal lobe judgement has been shut down by the stress and trance state we are in, people are generally unable to access their problem solving abilities.  And people take the solutions they are given by the “experts” because they are paralyzed by uncertainty.  They are, in every sense frozen.”

  • How quickly the pandemic spread is the induction. Or the shock state. See isolation, fear of death, loss of livelihood, all of which deepens the hypnotic state.

  • “We are being fatigued by the numbness of isolation, the restriction of the very activities that would counteract the harmful physical effects of constant stress and reduce the cortisol loads in our bodies.  People can no longer access walking and running parks because state, county and local municipalities have closed them.  These are the very activities that physicians know reduce stress, increase immune responses and most importantly improve our overall ability to physically, emotionally and spiritually deal with the pandemic.”

  • Children will carry this experience for the rest of their lives, because of the stress and fear.

  • “Medical experts speak to us about the increased risk factors that place those infected with Covid19 at greatest jeopardy.  These factors include, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.  These are the very things that result from high cortisol levels.  High cortisol is also responsible for increased anxiety, increased irritability, rapid weight gain and muscle weakness.  These are all conditions that can be counteracted by increased activity and responsible use of our open spaces.”

  • “What the Mind Conceives, the Body Achieves.” 

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