S01E39: Wraith of the Rings

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Was the deceiver or the art of the deception the one the deceived?

Cant help but shake this feeling it’s one scale with the same ideas on both sides.
Two ends. One bad guy. It’s not a False God, but the Illusion of an Evil One.
The trouble is, who holds the Justice? What would they want you to see?
Maybe (which is a baby that could be nurtured into a yes) the balance we’re told
of is the actual illusion. A Holy War between archaic good and evil archetypes, or a subversive war of Consciousness and Subconsciousness? Who’s really behind the curtain printing the dailies of who the villain of the decade is? Now the nonsensical mumblings have completed downloading.

Let’s lay it out. Are the Black Cube and Hammer Sickle both devices of a
Saturn/Satan Cult? Do they worship the Deity or the Mechanism used to control?
Who is this Satan/Saturn fellow anyways?

Survey says one of the these questions is the mindtrap.

I cant figure out the wording of how to ask the last question, but what if the Matrix is a two front battle that uses these two ideologies to demonize and subvert the Divine Feminine? Just where exactly does Lucifer fall into all of this?

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Restructuring the World

  • Important medical breakthroughs have occurred with the Saturn/Neptune cycle. In 1882, Robert Koch isolates the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis and in 1899 the Bayer Co. registers aspirin as a trademark. In 1952, the first open heart surgery is performed and, in 1953, the first mechanical heart and blood purifier is used for 29 minutes during a surgery. Also in 1953, Jonas Salk announces the polio vaccine and Francis Crick and James D. Watson publish on the molecular structure of nucleic acids, describing the double helix structure of DNA.

Saturn, the TimeKeeper

  • On March 4th, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt was sworn in as president. On that same day Saturn by transit was sitting atop his natal Sun. On January 20th, 1961, when Vice President Richard Nixon left office, Saturn was conjoined his natal Sun. When Richard Nixon resigned as President, August 9, 1974, Saturn was exactly conjunct the natal Sun of the U.S. (1776 chart).

  • Saturn, as it affects the flow of history, is the agent of karma, time, and change. We are all subject to the Laws of Grace (love) and to the Laws of Karma (balance); Saturn is one of the archetypal energies configured in the solar system that functions to keep the doings of the human race in balance.

Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance

  • A shift from capitalism to human capital – Capricorn and the Earth element value “capitalism” while Aquarius and the Air element value the ‘human capital’. The world will start valuing more the human capital, at the expense of material aspects of production.

  • A shift from top-down hierarchies to bottom-up innovation – both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, so both signs are concerned with bringing order into chaos. But while with Capricorn order comes top-down (from the leader) – with Aquarius, progress comes bottom-up (from the individual). 

  • A shift from big cities to smart cities and small communities – Aquarius thrives in communities – but very importantly, it thrives in micro-communities, which can be self-governing. It is not excluded that the role of the big city, of the big metropolis, will change, and we may slowly return to smaller communities, where we can take better care of each other.

  • A shift from duty to true altruism – If Capricorn is duty, Aquarius goes beyond duty. The evolved Aquarius energy does something not only because it is morally right, but from a place of true altruism and from a genuine desire to make the world a better place.

  • A shift from a taxpayer status to civil responsibility – Instead of delegating the power and responsibility to states and corporations through taxes or donations, Saturn in Aquarius will pass the responsibility back to us – how can we, as individuals, contribute to society and make the world a better place? 

  • Ultimately, Saturn in Aquarius is about acknowledging the value of humanity. Governments and corporations have taken people for granted for way too long, without appreciating, rewarding and giving them the recognition they deserve. And now, thanks to Saturn in Aquarius, we will have to rethink everything – forms of organization, relationships, and the distribution of resources. It is increasingly obvious that what we have built does not serve us anymore, does not help us, and it does not make us more human or happy. On the contrary: it makes us increasingly depressed, inhuman and fragile. Saturn in Aquarius is about how we, as individuals – every single one of us – contribute to a better world – by helping ourselves, our fellow humans and other living beings from a place of love and support.

Saturn in Aquarius | Three Years of Technology, Progress and Justice

  • Gather the thought leaders and call a global summit! From March 21 to July 1, 2020, Saturn lifts its nose from Capricorn’s grindstone and takes a Hoverboard ride through Aquarius, the sign that rules progress, technology and collective action. The galactic guru hasn’t stationed in the Water Bearer’s realm for nearly three decades; in fact, its last visit was from February 6, 1991, to January 28, 1994. Humanitarian Aquarius rules the future while sensible Saturn is the master planner and guard. The world could use a large dose of the innovative strategizing this cosmic cycle brings. Can the citizens of Earth join together to architect a smarter future? Now is the time! 

  • In 1991, during Saturn’s last jaunt in Aquarius, the Madrid Conference was co-sponsored by the United States and the Soviet Union as an international attempt to negotiate an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty. NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, was signed by Canada, the United States and Mexico weeks before Saturn left Aquarius in January 1994.

  • Saturn rules time and, in contemporary astrology, is known as the Lord of Karma. Wherever he lands, chickens come home to roost. While touring Capricorn since December 2017, Saturn has exposed the shadow side of nationalism, mass consumerism and authoritarian world leadership.

  • Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual everything…while Saturn’s in tech-savvy Aquarius, the geeks (not the meek) shall inherit the Earth. In fact, the World Wide Web came to life during the last Saturn in Aquarius cycle. On April 30, 1993, the “www” source code was released by CERN, making the software free and available to anyone. A year before that, in 1992, futurist (and Aquarius!) Ray Kurzweil’s book about A.I., The Age of Intelligent Machines, essentially forecast the wild popularity of the ‘net as we know it!

  • When Saturn orbited through Aquarius back in 1962, The Jetsons premiered, ABC’s first animated, color TV series, about a family living in the Space Age. The Hanna-Barbera producers imagined an “impossible” world where people could talk to each other on video screens, food could be programmed to come from a machine and robots worked as household servants.

  • Madonna’s infamous photo book Sex went on sale when Saturn was in Aquarius in 1992. Controversial for its time (and still titillating to date), the black-and-white coffee table hardcover was shot by Steven Meisel and featured the singer in various erotic configurations. Within a few days of release, Sex sold out its limited 1.5 million print-run. 

  • Interesting fact: On November 6, 1991, nine months after Saturn entered Aquarius, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Soviet KGB was dismantled. With repressive Saturn in Aquarius, we have to be mindful not to confuse “equal” with “identical.”  

  • Rising sea levels, along with intense weather patterns like hurricanes and wildfires, could push populations into denser, inland urban areas that have access to fresh water and food supplies. As a result, land parcels may become less available, forcing cities to build upward and owners to invest in air space—which makes sense, considering that Aquarius is one of the zodiac’s three air signs.

  • On March 6, 1991, one month after Saturn moved into Aquarius, four police officers were caught on video beating Rodney King, an African American resident of Los Angeles who was pulled over for speeding.   


I'm Tired Of You Satan by The Party Lights

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Might Saturn Really Not Be What We Think It Is?

  • In 1950, controversial researcher and author, Immanuel Velikovsky, released his book Worlds in Collision in which he expressed his belief that cataclysmic disasters spoken of in The Bible and many other ancient texts, were very real events that our ancestors witnessed with their own eyes, and then documented them accordingly. His work arguably is of great importance to the conspiracy theories of Saturn, and indeed theories of alternative history as a whole that were later developed.

  • Just one of these theories, and in short, suggested that Venus was once a part of the planet Jupiter. According to Velikovsky, around 4000 years ago, a huge explosion rocked Jupiter – so huge that it sent a huge mass that would eventually become Venus, soaring into space and towards the “inner” solar system.

  • In his book “The Biggest Secret”, Icke speaks in depth of how it is his belief that understanding the energy of the Universe and all its dimensions, is key to understanding everything else that comes from it – including his belief of reptilian bloodlines controlling the Earth. Incidentally, Nikola Tesla, regarded as one of the greatest minds in history, famously stated that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration!”

  • Icke asserts that the reptilians (or Anunnaki) operate in the fourth dimension, and are for all intents and purposes invisible to us, until they reveal themselves – or step from their dimension and into ours.

  • He further believes that a broadcast of energy – conceived and delivered by the Anunnaki/reptilians – is essentially, a matrix, a reality designed specifically for us. The human eye and in turn the brain, then has to interpret that energy, and present us with an image of what we are seeing. Icke believes it is that energy that is being manipulated, and so broadcasting to us a “false” or “preconceived” reality.

  • Essentially, Saturn, which Icke, like Velokovsky, argues is a dwarf star and was once a sun, is sending radio waves out into space, which are ultimately concentrated on, and picked up by our moon (for the purposes of this article, the moon is definitely a fake celestial body). The moon then acts as a kind of amplifier in order to strengthen the signal, which is then “broadcast” to Earth, and so forming our reality. In Icke’s words, Saturn is “a gigantic broadcasting system!”

  • Icke also states that it is his belief that the rings of Saturn are artificial. He sites the research of Norman Bergrun, who in his book The Ring-makers of Saturn argued that there was intense electrical activity within the rings, almost as if it were being generated in the rings themselves. Icke believes this activity is a result of the electronic broadcasting waves that are being sent purposely from the planet, and the rings to indeed aid those radio waves.

Arthur Miller — Communist

  • It’s not that liberals have been pro-communist so much as they are antianti-communist. They dislike anti-communists more than they dislike communists. Their preferred demon isn’t Joe Stalin but Joe McCarthy. As James Burnham, the great ex-communist, put it, “for the left, the preferred enemy is always to the right.”

  • But this does not suffice to describe Arthur Miller. Miller was not only anti-anti-communist; he was pro-communist. More than that, Arthur Miller had been a communist. And that’s something that students in their public schools and in our woeful universities had not and still will not learn as they are spoon-fed Miller’s left-wing morality plays. To the contrary, Miller’s most-lasting works have succeeded in portraying anti-communists as the lowest form of political troglodyte. Chief among those works, the playwright became a hero among the left for The Crucible, his political parable of the alleged excesses of anti-communism, which portrayed accused communists as innocent fighters for truth, justice, and the American way.

  • In fact, not only at New Masses: Arthur Miller had eager communist readers literally half-a-world away. No less than Jane Fonda shared her excitement when, upon her propaganda visit to Hanoi in 1972, she “saw Vietnamese actors and actresses perform the second act of Arthur Miller’s play, ‘All My Sons.’” Fonda found this “very moving.” I’m sure she did. And the communist Vietnamese, for that matter, found Miller’s work very moving and very useful in their campaign against America. Most interesting, all of this Miller work was still well before The Crucible. He was just warming up.

‘Blackwhite’ Magick: The Principle of Indifference in Accounting and Banking

What Lenin Teaches Us About Witchcraft

  • Oh I believe in miracles
    Oh I believe in a better world for me and you
    —The Ramones

  • A recent article digs further and claims that someone in the line of Lenins, perhaps the leader’s great-grandmother, was defamed for using black magic and witchcraft, and was burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

  • Given the number of people massacred for this “crime” from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, this story might very well be true. My goal, however, is not to investigate the historical veracity of this claim and determine whether Lenin was indeed a descendent of this enigmatic woman. Rather, the very idea that the revolutionary leader could have had an ancestor who was a witch, sorcerer, or magician in intriguing to me: the superpowers which, as a Soviet child, I imagined he had could have been inherited from someone who fell victim to the genocide committed under the banner of Christianity amidst the rise of capitalist modernity.

  • This coincidence does not seem random. In Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation, Silvia Federici brilliantly explains capitalism’s birth from the spirit of the InquisitionFederici presents the figure of the witch “as the embodiment of a world of female subjects that capitalism had to destroy: the heretic, the healer, the disobedient wife, the woman who dared to live alone, the obeha woman who poisoned the master’s food and inspired the slaves to revolt.”

  • However, the nascent capitalist system determined what the body must do: it must work. According to Federici, in the transition from feudalism to capitalism the multiple powers of the body were transformed into a calculable and controllable work-power. This transformation required the destruction of the conception of the body “as a receptacle of magical powers that had prevailed in the medieval world,” in which the lines between Christian religion, magic, and the remains of paganism were still not clear. 

  • “Every man and every woman is a star,” said Aleister Crowley. In Lenin’s sense, every man and every woman is a miracle man and a miracle woman. There is something demonic in this: as Lenin sees it, miracles do not simply happen and they cannot be ascribed to God or to some other supreme being; they are performed by real people themselves. Lenin famously said that “a revolution is a miracle.”

  • There are no miracles in nature or history, but every abrupt turn in history, and this applies to every revolution, presents such a wealth of content, unfolds such unexpected and specific combinations of forms of struggle and alignment of forces of the contestants, that to the lay mind there is much that must appear miraculous.

Communist magic

  • Adorno neatly summarises the tension they face, observing that “on the one hand, the world contains opportunities enough for success. On the other hand, everything is bewitched, as if under a spell. If the spell could be broken, success would be a possibility.”

  • In the Communist Manifesto, for instance, Marx and Engels observe how bourgeois society functions as a kind of sorcery, summoning means of production that exceed its own powers, and in several places in the first volume of Capital Marx powerfully describes the commodity form as a type of magic or necromancy cast over the products of collective labour.

  • Beyond capitalism, there are even older spells. The state, reified for thousands of years as the horizon of possibility for social organisation, itself had an origin; perhaps it too has been summoned by some dark magic, expanding across the world to eventually occult all other common modes of doing and being. The registers of pragmatism and realpolitik employed by defenders of the state are then, just like the registers of capital, part of the functioning of an enchantment, a form of capture.

  • In a way, the manifesto is the most condensed form of this kind of magic: a spell that functions as a kind of counter-enchantment against hierarchy and domination. But a spell is nothing unless it is enacted, and the magic of the commons is inherently collective. It is, then, by coming together differently, by creating new modes of doing and being, new manifestations to accompany our manifestos, that we can perform the magic that is necessary to break the spell of Empire.

  • When we set about the collective task of casting our counter-spells, writing our new manifestos and creating our new forms of manifestation, the ones we so urgently need, we would be wise to accept these invitations in order to ensure that we are not simply recasting the spells that bind us.

The Salem Witch Trials

  • According Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum's account in Salem Possessed, the outbreak at Salem began in the winter of 1691 when the girls of the village, aided by Tituba and John Indian, a West Indian slave couple, attempted to tell their futures by using a makeshift crystal ball. On February 29, 1692, warrants were issued for three women: Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, the former two proclaiming their innocence while the latter confessed. As events unfolded, 185 people were accused at Salem, 141 women and 44 men. Of that number, 52 women and 7 men were tried; 26 women and 5 men were convicted; and 14 women and 5 men were executed, the last group on September 22, 1692. The true end to the trials of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, however, came on October 3, 1692 when Increase Mather, father of Cotton Mather, preached a sermon that was soon published as Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits Personating Men. Condemning without qualification the spectral evidence upon which several cases had relied, Increase Mather declared that "It were better that ten suspected witches should escape, than that one innocent person should be condemned" (Boyer and Nissenbaum 10).

Confessions of a Former Otherkin

  • Dragon really thought she was a dragon. When her aura got too dirty (as it did from time to time as she was dealing with a bad break-up and the rest of that semester’s insanity; September 11th certainly didn’t help) , it got scaly and had to be cleansed. When it got scaly, she supposedly could not physically move. After the crazy events of 2001, she either stopped being Pagan or stopped practicing as those same events scared her from delving any further. Our friendship ended in May of 2003.

No Active Widgets in Sidebar Alt Who Invented The Term ‘capitalism’ And Why?

  • The term “capitalism” was almost unknown in the English world until first popularised by English translations of Das Kapital in 1867.

  • “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” was the early rallying slogan of the communist disciples of Marx and Engels. “Communism” is thus the opposite of “Capitalism”. It is a system of maximal state (“communal”) ownership of all assets and of maximal government interference in the operation of society. Indeed, under “communalism”, any manifestation of “individualism” is intensely despised and brutally discouraged. To disparage private enterprise and individual liberty, “communism” thus invented the term “capitalism” and contrived to link the term to all that is bad, including notions of exploitation, mistreatment and abuse.

  • So the next time you hear the term “capitalism”, know immediately that it is an invented term designed by “communists” to disparage a system of individual freedom and inviolability of private ownership that has produced the wealthiest “middle classes” in all of recorded history and which has almost entirely wiped out the grinding levels of poverty and deprivation last seen in the West in the 1700s.

Karl Marx’s Commodity fetishism – Explained with Example

  • Commodity Fetishism in Marx’s application of his analysis of the relationship between a commodity and society as a whole. Fetish was popularly used in the good old days of colonialism; it is used to describe inanimate objects that possess’ fantastical powers in indigenous cultures.

  • Karl Marx’s interpretation of a commodity is that a commodity exists in a dual state: i) physical and every way tangible ii) holds together social and material relations. He also claims that a commodity has a peculiar nature and that it possesses a mysterious ability to create or renew social relations being both an ordinary physical object and a generator of social relations

  • “Secret is hidden under the apparent movements in the relative values of commodities; that is labour: It is precisely finished in the form of the world of commodities – the money form which conceals the character and hardship of private labour and social relations between the workforce by making these relations appear plainly just as material objects.

  • The labour society establishes itself only when there is an exchange of the products and therefore, the relations connecting the labour with individuals are material relations between persons and social relations between things. The concept of Commodity Fetishism conceals private labours as these workers are only social at the point of exchange.

fetish (n.)

  • "material object regarded with awe as having mysterious powers or being the representative of a deity that may be worshipped through it," 1610s, fatisso, from Portuguese feitiço "charm, sorcery, allurement," noun use of an adjective meaning "artificial."

POLITICAL dominatrix who uses mind games to humiliate her submissives reveals how she focuses her unique skills on white, right-wing men in order to turn them into socialists

  • Reba Maybury, aka Mistress Rebecca, is a 27-year-old professional dominatrix as well as a political science lecturer at Central Saint Martins in London

  • She will only dominate white men, preferably those with right-wing views

  • Maybury, a socialist who is of mixed race, admitted she 'could never be mean to someone who wasn't white, because the world is run by white men'  

  • Instead of using whips and clamps, she relies on words and mind games to degrade her male clients 

  • Maybury's work stems from her frustration with men who indulge in fetishes that have 'no alignment with their everyday politics'

  • 'I can’t force myself to be even fictionally cruel to any other type of man. It makes the performance a lot easier,' she told The Guardian. 'I could never be mean to someone who wasn’t white, because the world is run by white men, isn’t it?'

  • Instead of using whips and clamps, she relies on words and mind games to degrade her male clients. 

  • Maybury plans on giving the proceeds to Swarm, a UK-based sex workers' collective, explaining she is 'trying to use these men to help women make money as well.'

Was Karl Marx a Satanist?

  • “Marxism today governs over one third of mankind. If it could be shown that the originators and perpetrators of this movement were indeed behind-closed-doors devil-worshipers, consciously exploiting Satanic powers, would not such a startling realization require action?” (Richard Wurmbrand, Marx & Satan, vii)

  • “Today one third of the world is Marxist. Marxism in one form or another is embraced by many in capitalist countries, too. There are even Christians, and amazingly, clergymen, some in hight standing, who are sure that while Jesus might have had the right answers about how to get to heaven, Marx had the right answers about how to help the hundry, destitute, and oppressed here on earth.”

  • “In order for the masses to achieve happiness, more is needed than the overthrow of capitalism. Marx writes: “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of man is a requisite for their real happiness. The call to abandon their illusions about their conditions is a call to abandon a condition which requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, the citicism of the vale of tears of which religion is the halo (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Zur Kritik der Hegelschen Rechts-philosophie (Critique of Hegelian Philosophy of LAw), Introduction I, i (1), MEGA, pp. 607, 608; cited in Wurmbrandt, Marx and Satan, p. 10)

  • Marxism make an impression on on people’s thinking because of its success, but success proves nothing. Witch doctors often succeed too. Success confirms errors as well as truth.

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